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Why Flippable

Why A Flippable Mattress

Why Buy a Flippable Mattress (Double Sided Mattress, Two Sided Mattress)

What happened to the Flippable Mattress? In the mid-2000s the economy was in a downward slope due to the 2008 market crash. With the economy in a downward spiral the cost of goods worldwide increased, to keep the prices of mattresses affordable the mattress industry decided to cut the mattress in half. This gave birth to what we now call a one sided mattress.

This was actually was a blessing in disguise. Previously, most mattresses were double sided or flippable as we like to call them. This meant you had to rotate and flip your mattress every three months to keep it under warranty. This was such an inconvenience and people hated it because most mattresses didn’t even have straps to help you flip it.

The mattress industry started advertising a hassle free mattress, no need to flip or rotate. This helped the mattresses industry through 2008. People were coming into stores to buy a mattresses not only because they needed one but also to take the hassle out of having to flip and rotate their current mattress.

Fast forward 10+ years into the future and consumers start realizing a one sided mattress is grate but they just don’t last as long. The truth is a one sided mattress on average will last 6 to 8 Years. Now there are some that last a lot less and some that can last a lot longer also but 6 to 8 years is the industry average.

This brings up one of three reactions with customers. First reaction is shock. They just bought a new mattress and are thinking I just spent all that money only to find out it’s only going to last 6 to 8 years. The second possible reaction is agreement. They think back and realize that in fact their mattress started having issues around that timeline. The third possible reaction is disbelief. These customers swear they bought a mattress 20 years ago and its still in near perfect conditions.

Having been in the mattress industry for several years, the third reaction sparked my interest. I started doing some research as to why some matrasses last so much longer than others. I also wanted to know why these mattresses are not as widely available. The search was long and the answers were wild.

I found that those mattresses that last well beyond the 8-year mark are those that are flippable. While both types of mattresses have the same components such as pocketed coils, those that are flippable last significantly longer. This let me move on the second question. Why are flippable matrasses not as widely available to consumers? The answers to these questions gave the wildest responses of the two questions.

The company I worked for at the time did have a few mattress that where Flippable but they all cost $3000 to $6000. My first thought was that the cost of making a double sided mattress was just too high. This made sense because originally that was one of the main reasons the mattress industry made the switch years ago. However, I did not feel that was the case today. Still not convinced I started asking others in the mattress and furniture industry about Flippable mattresses and got a range of answers. I heard things from Flippable mattresses being unsafe to even being illegal to make. Clearly some answers were more believable than others.

While double sided mattresses may initially seem more expensive, they also last 2 to 3 times longer than one sided mattresses. This means with a flippable mattress you get way more bang for your buck.

One thing was clear to me. There are massive misconceptions about flippable mattresses out there. From thinking that flippable mattresses are not made any more to the assumtion that they are too expensive. While double sided mattresses may initially seem more expensive, they also last 2 to 3 times longer than a one sided mattress. This means with a flippable mattress you get way more bang for your buck.

At this point I knew there was need for a mattress store that had flippable mattress at a reasonable price. A place where you can feel confident you can find answers to your questions without having doubts that we are just giving biased information.

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