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The Pastel is made by Kingdom Mattress. Kingdom Mattress is one of the largest Manufactures of Premium Mattresses with 3 factories across the U.S. The Pastel is the entry price point and has a 5 Year Non Prorated Warranty. It features a 312 traditional innerspring that is twice tempered to give a durable sleeping surface.

High Quality Customer Service

We Guarantee all our employees are highly trained mattress professionals and can help you with any of your sleeping circumstances

Many Payment Options

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and More!

Delivery Options

We currently delivery anywhere in a 75 mile raidus of Joplin Missouri Please call us for deliveries ourside this area

365 Day Exchange

We offer 365 Day exchange policy and a 120 day money back guarantee


We currently offer up to 2 years interest free financing (WAC) and 90 same as cash no credit needed.

Made in the U.S.A.

Single Sided Design

312 Traditional Innerspring

1 Inch Support Foam

White Cover

5 Year Non Prorated Warranty

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